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Hi, I am Paul Featherstone-Harvey a confirmed petrol head and proprietor of Peninsula Sports Cars.

I trained as an apprentice motor mechanic at a Ford dealership during the late 1960s to early 1970s.

My father introduced me to cars and motor sport at an early age and I relished all things mechanical and loved tuning and modifying scalectrix cars and push bikes as I got older, eventually moving on to motor bikes then cars. My first car was a highly modified Ford Anglia 105e that gradually developed with ever faster engines funded by dealing in used tuning parts and building engines for others.

I competed in local motor sport but then met a girl, fell in love, and as I had no savings to get married, it was with a heavy heart and much regret that she had to go..... the car that is!!!! I did not give up modifying though, and many other tuned cars, kit cars, etc. followed as my career progressed within the motor trade.

In 1988 I started my own used car business and was very successful due to old fashioned good service, honesty and integrity. I sold up in 2007 to pursue another dream of renovating an old farm house to live in, and workshops to house my, by now, extensive collection of cars! But house construction work is not my passion and I looked around for a kit car business.

Firstly I purchased the Minari then the Supersnake.

I have many years experience with chassis/suspension design, tuning and G.R.P. construction, so I am very well qualified for this new venture.

Peninsula Sports Cars is the trading name of Paul Featherstone-Harvey. Business address: Kerrow Farm, Wheal Plenty, Redruth, Cornwall TR16 4BW. Telephone 01209 899090. All images copyright of Peninsula Sports Cars. Website created by TAS