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Construction and Safety

The main body tub is a sophisticated composite monocoque, designed by Andrew Borrowman and Sean Prendergast, renowned automotive designer/engineers with back grounds in F1 composite design. The result is a body of very high rigidity, strength and quality, important both for consistent handling and crash protection.

A tubular steel front subframe that supports the engine,

transmission and lower suspension, is designed to give a progressive crumple zone to absorb frontal impacts, and the quarter panels, bumper and boot compartment perform the same function at the rear.

The front and rear bulkheads, sills, double skin doors, centre tunnel and floor use long directional fibres (7 times the specific strength of steel) to form a very rigid occupant cell. The wide sill, in particular (a complete 4 sided box), extends over waist height when seated, to give side impact protection that surpasses most cars, both specialist and mainstream. A correctly designed composite structure will resist and absorb more energy in a collision than a steel structure of similar or greater weight. The seat belts are mounted on a, cold drawn seamless steel, roll over bar, bolted to the body at reinforced points, and together with the laminated windscreen glass and frame give an exceptionally high degree of roll over protection.

The lighter the car, the better the acceleration/deceleration, fuel consumption, and overall safety due to lack of inertia which reduces impact forces..think ping pong ball! The Road Sport Race model is a stripped down version aimed at serious competition, where it has gained a fair success. It can be road legal and is ideal for the current leisure pursuit of track days. It weighs under 500Kg due to the lack of trim, heater, screen etc. and use of lighter bonnet, boot, and doors skins, the latter being bonded in.

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