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While the Minari Road Sport is extremely strong, it's kerb weight is only 700Kg. By comparison here are some alternative sports car curb weights; Porsche Boxster Mk1, 1275Kg. Mazda MX5 Mk3, 1155Kg. MG TF, 1115Kg. Toyota MR2 Mk3 soft top, 975Kg. Lotus Elise S 860Kg. Caterham 7, 550Kg.

With engines in standard form very good performance is available and with tuning it can be outstanding. The power to weight ratios for alternative standard tune engines are;
Twin carb 1500cc 100 bhp = 140bhp/tonne. Twin carb 1700cc 120bhp = 170bhp/tonne. Fuel injected 16v 1700cc 150bhp = 214bhp/tonne. 0-60mph time for the latter is 5.0 seconds and top speed 135 mph.
By comparison;
Caterham 7, 1600cc 16v 115bhp = 209bhp/tonne, 0-60mph = 6.2 secs., top speed 118mph.
Porsche Boxster Mk1, 2700cc 6 cyl. 228bhp = 182bhp/tonne, 0-60mph = 6.3secs., top speed 155mph.
Lotus Elise S, 1800cc 16v 134bhp = 158bhp/tonne, 0-60mph 6.3 secs., top speed 127mph.
Toyota MR2 Mk3 soft top, 1800cc 16v. v.v.t. 138bhp =141bhp/tonne, 0-60mph = 7.2secs., top speed 130mph.
MG TF, 1800cc 16v. v.v.t. 158bhp = 144bhp/tone, 0-60mph = 6.9secs., top speed 135 mph.

The closest power to weight ratios to the Minari 1700cc 16v are the Caterham and Porsche, but the Minari still beats them and knocks over a second off the 0-60 times! Pretty good for a small independent company.

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