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Road Holding & Handling.

The Minari's light weight, low centre of gravity, 50/50 front and rear weight distribution, a wheel at each corner and very little body roll provide exceptional agility and grip.
This provides the driver maximum sensitivity to his inputs and the response is very rewarding and exhilarating.

With front wheel drive cars, traction out of bends is generally the constraint that points to rear wheel drive as the 'better' layout.
The Road Sports suspension has been set up specifically to overcome this problem without the use of complex electronics, allowing cornering speeds only obtainable from the most expensive of sports cars, while still retaining stability to allow mid bend braking without drama.

Under the majority of road conditions a Minari will enable the driver to progress effortlessly faster through twisting, winding roads than many of it's rear wheel drive rivals and most cars in general.
However, when a Minari is used for more mundane duties it is just as rewarding, making it a truly versatile all rounder to suit all driving styles.


The braking system was designed to cope with a fully laden five seat family hatch - when used in a 700kg two seater there is a massive reserve of brake capacity.
With a light servo assistance both delicate control and rapid retardation is available inspiring the driver with huge confidence.

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