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Supersnake conversion procedure part 1

The car has to be stripped down to the degree that allows the body to be cut off, and the floor pan shortened by 15” then strengthened. Ford have done this themselves and all the stretched limos and hearses have a lengthened chassis so this is common practice and safe if done properly.

A tube space frame is then bolted/welded to the chassis to strengthen it and support the new body work. Front and rear bulk heads, and massive sill strengthening beams are also added.

The original front bulk head is left in place. This makes for a very stiff, safe chassis with designed in crumple zones even before the body is bonded on. This procedure is carried out without the need to dismantle any of the main rolling running gear. The forward hinging bonnet/nose section is in one piece and has built in crumple zones at the front to be as pedestrian friendly as possible also absorbing collision energy in the event of an accident.

It is further designed to break across the wheel arches leaving the rear section of the bonnet firmly held in place by anti burst side catches preventing it riding up into the windscreen. The one piece rear body section also has crumple zones that will absorb a very high amount of energy diminishing the impact forces transferred to the passenger cell, which has a new rear bulk head in steel.

The side is protected by the above mentioned sill beams and the doors are made entirely of stainless steel and have intrusion bars the length of the door connecting the hinges with anti burst catches the other end.

The car retains all the safety features of the Mondeo, e.s.p. a.b.s.,p.a.s. The air bags can be retained for both driver and passenger ahead positions and in the front seat sides if these are used. A special electronic box will be developed to allow this. The air conditioning and heating remain undisturbed.

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