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Driving impressions.

Upon driving the prototype, there was not a squeak, rattle, or any scuttle shake and it is as docile as a lamb around town and wild as a bull on the open road!

Looking down the long bonnet I could see the tips of the wings, making it easy to place through the corners, and parking was a doddle. The car reminds me a lot of a BMW Z3 or 4, even though it is front wheel drive! It has lost all of its Mondeo feel and become the sports car it looks.

Driving this car out into the country lanes evokes a feeling of motoring from a time gone by. Wind in your hair, all the fragrances, sights and sounds of the countryside, the lovely powerful exhaust note, freedom at last!

The joy of motoring just for the pleasure, Chuck Berry ringing in your ears.."no particular place to go", or your favourite motoring track playing on the stereo.
You get admiring glances as you drive through quaint villages, people wave and point, other motorists in their boring saloons flash their lights, others even pull over to let you pass so they can have a better look at what has been following them!
All are envious and wish they could be you. Stop at an old country inn for lunch, you get people interested in the car, asking what it is and taking photos. You feel very proud when telling them you built it yourself. This is what kit sports cars are all about!!!

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